Glenn – Doubt to Pain-Free

Glenn Davis, an employee of a major international beverage company for more than 45 years attributes his ability to return to work and to walk again without pain to Reichert Prosthetics Orthotics. It is a story that spans nearly 4 decades…

BACKGROUND: 1981 – 2009

In 1981, Glenn was knocked off a 28- foot ladder. All of the ligaments and tendons in his lower leg were torn and his ankle was severely dislocated. Due to the severity of the fall, Glenn developed a staff infection and was forced to remain out of work for 27 months. The infection kept flaring and Glenn’s weight loss (going from 240lbs. to 159lbs.) was a concern. He decided to go to the Mayo Clinic to seek expert advice. The doctors at Mayo, with the consent of Glenn, chose to fuse his foot to his leg bone removing the ankle joint. After time, Glenn’s foot became deformed and extremely painful. Glenn walked on this leg for 28 years. In early 2009, after seeking the advice of a third doctor, Glenn had elective surgery to remove the lower portion of his leg. Glenn became a below the knee amputee (BKA) in an attempt to get his life back.


Glenn’s decision was not an easy one, but he felt he had no choice. He needed to return to work. Glenn began working with a prosthetist in the Chicago area. After months of work, and 14 attempts by this prosthetist to get Glenn’s socket on his prosthetic leg fitting properly, Glenn decided to make a change. Glenn suffered through months of additional pain, bleeding and blisters on his leg. He seriously questioned his decision to have this last surgery in the first place.


Glenn and his wife started doing research to find another prosthetist. Having no direction on where to begin looking, they found a supplier, O & P Enterprises, Inc. (O & P) on the internet that worked with prosthetic and orthotic companies. O &P highly recommended Reichert Prosthetics Orthotics (RPO) having worked with them for many years and knowing of their good reputation. With this advice, Glenn called Reichert’s office and made an appointment for a free consultation. There he met Doug Reichert. Glenn and his wife were surprised at the amount of time and level of care they were given at RPO. Glenn decided to work with Doug; and with the very first socket Doug made for him, Glenn was speechless. He stood for the first time pain free since his accident. “I was truly amazed at how well the prosthetic leg fit. I knew at that point that I would return to work on a regular full-time basis. This was really happening! I walk an average of five to six miles a day at work; in the summer months, my walking can be up to eleven miles a day. Having a prosthetic leg that fits comfortably and that functions properly made me count my blessings,” stated Glenn.

“I cannot say enough about Doug and his group at Reichert Prosthetics Orthotics. Going from where I came to where I am today is nothing short of my own little miracle.” said Glenn.