Betty — “My life was given back!”

On Mother’s Day, 2003, Betty Dennik was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Betty’s right leg was shattered below the knee. The process began to try to save her leg. After spending two and a half months in the hospital, two weeks of which were in ICU, undergoing seventeen surgeries, Betty’s hope began to dwindle. When one more opportunity presented itself, one final surgery which was given a twenty percent chance of success, Betty drew the line in the sand. After seven months of trying to save her leg, she along with her doctors, realized the outcome was not what anyone had hoped for or expected.

In December of 2003, after being told she could have her way of life back, Betty decided to have surgery to remove her lower right leg.  Today, Betty has her life back and more. She is a below the knee amputee (BKA) and is thriving. Betty still enjoys running, snow boarding and whitewater rafting as she did before her accident. “My life is different, better, due to all of my hard work and the tireless efforts of Doug Reichert at Reichert Prosthetics Orthotics (RPO),” Betty shared.

Betty and Doug met by chance at an amputee clinic in Milwaukee and she knew right away that Doug would be instrumental in helping her resume her way of life. “What appealed to me about Doug was his sincere willingness to help and his ability to think outside of the box. It was very apparent that Doug’s expertise in the field of prosthetics would allow me to experience all options before accepting anything short of perfect. I was amazed at how much time Doug spent with me so I could walk and run again without any pain. Doug was critical in helping me regain my self confidence,” stated Betty.

Dealing with limb loss has both physical and emotional challenges to overcome. “My faith has brought me where I am today without a doubt. This life changing event cannot be done alone,” said Betty.  “The countless conversations with and efforts of Doug, the level of respect I found with everyone at RPO, my faith and the support given to me from friends and family all (tremendously) helped with my road to recovery,” stated Betty.

Betty took the support she found and decided to give back. She became a Certified Peer Visitor with the Amputee Coalition of America and has spoken at multiple Amputee Support Group meetings.  “We are different in a special kind of way! Enjoy what God has given you and let others learn and be motivated by your strength and accomplishments.”